Children and Young People Feedback

“The programme I came to was amazing, I was using those strategies for so long.  Me and my mate both came away feeling so much better and were so pleased to deliver something aimed at the boys as well”

“Thank you for letting my come to the group.  I have used the stuff you gave us so much and it really does help”

“You are the only person that has actually made the connection, I never really saw it like this until you pointed it out.  It makes sense to me now”

Thank you for helping me.  I was so embarrassed and uncomfortable the first day I came but you soon made me feel okay”

“My son thinks you are amazing, I did not believe he would speak to you.  He is a real manly teenager, and thinks emotions are a sign of weakness.  He even told he friends they should speak to you as well”

“This was not what I had before, I feel I can speak to you.  I wish my first counsellor had been like you when my Mum died, I would have carried on and not be in the place I am now.  That women made me feel like I could not speak”

“I have had a counsellor before.  You are brilliant and funny.  I look forward to coming and seeing you”

“your sessions are my favourite time of the week – I never want them to end.”

“I have never spoken to an outreach worker as much as I speak to you. I feel so relaxed and chilled when I’m talking to you, I feel I could tell you anything and you would listen and help me.”