Partnership Schools Feedback

“You really are doing an amazing job – thank you.” 

“The support that you all give our families is always so amazing and with great impact. You all make a SENCo’s role so much easier!”

“I feel DSPL4 having the Autism support worker is critical and has been amazing for us as a school and our parents”

“I think there needs to be more of you, your role is doing so much and more areas needs to have this service”

“I send you all my families because I know you are doing such a good job”

 “Just wanted to share some lovely feedback I received about you:

The above Mother told me “She is very thankful for all your support and advice and she feels your input is so helpful because you have so much experience.” 

“Thank you for the support you have offered our staff, parents and students over the past 7 months.  Many families and students have benefited as a result of your support and guidance.  Our families are engaging well with the courses HABS offer and are making good use of the telephone consultation support.  V has commented the support and guidance she receives from HABS is invaluable and believes we are working as a team effort in supporting our most vulnerable families and students.”

“We look forward to our continued partnership and involvement with your services.”

“This is one of the best partnerships I have been in -thank you!”

“We would be lost without your service.  I do not believe there is any other service out there offering anywhere near what you provide my school”

“I am still amazed the skills and qualifications your team has!”

“HABS thank you again for all the amazing support you have offered my families’ over the academic year.  Your support and skill set is amazing.  We would be lost without you”