Children and Young People:

“The programme I came to was amazing, I was using those strategvies for so long.  Me an my mate both came away feeling so much better and were so pleased to delivered something aimed at the boys as well”

“Thank you for letting my come to the group.  I have used the stuff you gave us so much and it really does help”

“You are the only person that has actually made the connection, I never really saw it like this until you pointed it out.  It makes sense to me now”

Thank you for helping me.  I was so embarrassed and uncomfortable the first day I came but you soon made me feel okay”

“My son thinks you are amazing, I did not believe he would speak to you.  He is a real manly teenager, and thinks emotions are a sign of weakness.  He even told he friends they should speak to you as well”

“This was not what I had before, I feel I can speak to you.  I wish my first counsellor had been like you when my Mum died, I would have carried on and not be in the place I am now.  That women made me feel like I could not speak”

“I have had a counsellor before.  You are brilliant and funny.  I look forward to coming and seeing you”

“your sessions are my favourite time of the week – I never want them to end.”

“I have never spoken to an outreach worker as much as I speak to you. I feel so relaxed and chilled when I’m talking to you, I feel I could tell you anything and you would listen and help me.”


“You have been brilliant – it was like having ‘super nanny’ on the end of the phone.  I don’t think I would have done this without you!”

“Coming to the dads parenting course was daunting but I have learnt so much to support my child. I use to think I was a bad parent, I now know that I am a brilliant dad and just needed some more tips to use.  The peer support was brilliant, I wish I had attended this course before and will definitely be coming back.  Thank you so much”

“I was on the verge of giving up until your team got involved.  I was really scared but I know, without you guys I would not be where I am today.  It was exactly what I needed.  Support and guidance, not being told what I was doing wrong!

“Thank you so much for your support, I honestly don’t know where me and my children would be now if it hadn’t been for your help.”

“After speaking with the HABS team, I feel much calmer and have a better perspective on my situation. I now have a good idea of how to handle this difficult situation.”  

“I am calling you as I have a friend in a similar situation and she highly recommended I speak to you as she said you had given her some brilliant advice when she had needed it.”

“I feel much more relaxed, meeting new professionals with you there, it’s nice to have a friendly, helpful face to help me through tricky meetings.

I was running on empty and did not know what to do or where to turn.  HABS were amazing and helped me get back on my feet.”

“HABS were the only team that actually done what they said they would do for me and my kids.”

“My GP could not offer me anymore support.  They told me about HABS and I could not see what else anyone could do to help me out of the most hideous situation.  I have been with this team and feel worried for when they decide to go.  They have been amazing beyond words.”
“They are the team that can!!!  They do everything plus more.  Can’t believe I had not heard of them before”
“Brilliant! We can not thank you enough for everything you did.” 

Autism support:

“Thanks for the wonderful ideas, social stories, visuals and preparation work for Christmas. Most successful Christmas to date.”

“When I have any problems, the first person my husband and I think of contacting is you.  Other professionals also spoke highly of you”

“Autism support worker has been supporting our family since November 2016. She is an outstanding support worker, who goes extra miles to provide support. She is an asset to DSPL4.”

“Just knowing you are there, when we need you is a huge relief.”

“Our son has loves the visuals, this has made a big difference to our family life.”

“Thank you so much Autism support worker. I am truly so grateful for your help and support. I wish more people were as kind hearted as you.”

“Thank you so much, you have enabled me to get my son back in to full time school”

Christmas Appeal 2020

“I have just opened the bag of gifts to help us over Christmas and burst into tears. I am so grateful, this will make a big difference, especially the Londis vouchers, which I think we might save for the New Year. I rang my mum and sister to tell them and broke down each time at yours and peoples kindness, especially at this time of year. I can’t wait to be back on my feet so I am in the position to help another family like us. Thank you so much from my son and I and I hope you and your families have a brilliant Christmas.”


“I would just like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all that have helped my family this Christmas. Since my illness/operations I have not been able to work and give my children the Christmas that they used to have. With your help my daughter will be able to open many presents and enjoy the lovely food that you have provided for us. Thank you so much”


“Would just like to thank everyone for their kind donations to make my family a Christmas parcel, which we gratefully received, you have made 4 children extremely happy.The Christmas parcel has benefitted us a lot due to financial difficulties and a emotionally tough year after 2 family members passing of which we all were very close too. Thank you so much.”

“HABS Team, what can I say, I received a beautiful parcel from you guys yesterday and I was really overwhelmed, I cannot thank you enough not only for the parcel but for all the help and support you give me and my little boy through the year. Without the help with funding for summer school he would be stuck indoors with me all holidays. You guys really do make a difference, there are Angels on earth and they are called the HABS TEAM. Once again THANK YOU. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you xx”


“would like to thank you very much from my bottom of my heart for the big support you all have offered me and my children this Christmas and New Year! I don’t have enough words to thank you all! Thank you so much, you put a smile in my heart because when I was seeing my children happy and smiling, my heart was happy and smiling too! Thank you very much for the delightful gifts! We loved it all your gifts means a lot for us! You all are a blessing to my family!”


“Myself and my children have had a really tough few months, we are lucky enough to receive a Christmas parcel from you and I honestly cannot thank you enough for making our Christmas special, my children love the gifts they received and I honestly cannot thank you enough. After my husband left without warning I really didn’t know what I would do at Christmas, and then my dad passed away on the 16th December, I was dreading it. But thanks to the parcel we received and your support we had a lovely Christmas. Many thanks”


“Thank you so much a million times over, I never expected to receive as much as I did. 

You have made mine and my kids Christmas,Thank you, thank you , thank you.”


“Thank you so much for the goodie bag I was completely overwhelmed! It helped me a lot especially as my daughter’s birthday is 18/12. This was the first time ‘ive received a goodie bag and I was so shocked as to how much was inside, the wrapping paper was just enough to wrap it all, and that was also inside!! Many, many thanks from myself and my daughter.”

Partnership Schools:

“You really are doing an amazing job – thank you.” 

“The support that you all give our families is always so amazing and with great impact. You all make a SENCo’s role so much easier!”

“I feel DSPL4 having the Autism support worker is critical and has been amazing for us as a school and our parents”

“I think there needs to be more of you, your role is doing so much and more areas needs to have this service”

“I send you all my families because I know you are doing such a good job”

 “Just wanted to share some lovely feedback I received about you:

The above Mother told me she is very thankful for all your support and advice and she feels your input is so helpful because you have so much experience.” 

“Thank you for the support you have offered our staff, parents and students over the past 7 months.  Many families and students have benefited as a result of your support and guidance.  Our families are engaging well with the courses HABS offer and are making good use of the telephone consultation support.  V has commented the support and guidance she receives from HABS is invaluable and believes we are working as a team effort in supporting our most vulnerable families and students.”

“We look forward to our continued partnership and involvement with your services.”

“This is one of the best partnerships I have been in -thank you!”

“We would be lost without your service.  I do not believe there is any other service out there offering anywhere near what you provide my school”

“I am still amazed the skills and qualifications your team has!”

“HABS thank you again for all the amazing support you have offered my families over the academic year.  Your support and skill set is amazing.  We would be lost without you”