There are four Family Centres in this area, High Tree’s Family Centre, Turnford, Arlesdene Family Centre, Cheshunt, Greenfield Family Centre, Waltham Cross, The Ark Family Centre, Hoddesdon and Three Parks Family Centre, Hoddesdon . Family centres offer help and advice to families with children aged 0-4 and can offer various types of support to families to help then with any issues that may arise. They are also a good way to build networks of support with other families.


The main web address for the Family Centres is: call: 0300 123 7572. Alternatively, they can be contacted via email:

High Trees Family Centre call:  01992 411 904

Arlesdene Family Centre call:    01992 626 879

Greenfield Family Centre call:   01992 760 779

The Ark Family Centre call:        0300 123 7572

Three Parks Family Centre call: 01992 462 820



To make contact with or get support from your local health visiting team, here is the address for their web page: you can also access this service through your local Family Centre.





School nurses offer lots of different services and are a good point of contact if you have any concerns about your child’s emotional health and well-being.


Call: 0300 123 75 72 or you can find out more about what they offer, through their website:







There is also a school nurse Instagram page and a chat health text messaging service for 11-19 year olds, which can be accessed between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday on 07480 635 050 and they will reply as soon as possible, within a 24 hour time frame. More can be found out about this service on their Health for Teens webpage: